Particleworks is a Particle-Based Fluid Dynamics simulation Software for CAE developed by Prometech Software, Inc. in Japan.

Particleworks is a meshless fluid dynamics analysis software developed using Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method. This method can model free surface fluid behaviour precisely, using particles to represent the fluid instead of requiring a mesh for the fluid and its domain. This allows Particleworks to simulate the movement of fluids precisely and stably. Furthermore, it allows to simulate free surfaces, as well as the interaction between 2 different fluids, such as oil and water.

In addition, Particleworks supports multi-GPU computing, simulations can be run on NVIDIA CUDA-based GPUs. Thus, it is capable of simulating from hundreds of thousands to millions of fluid particles, allowing it to simulate very large-scale models.

Particleworks Interface

The world's first CFD-specific multibody and fluid dynamics co-simulation interface is now available in RecurDyn. This unique capability allows for simulations where mechanical components and fluids influence each other.

This means you can capture the effects of the motion of the mechanical system on the fluid, as well as captures the effects of the fluid behaviour on the mechanical system. The effect of the behaviour of the mechanical system can be seen in the surfaces and turbulence of the fluid.


  • Particle Dynamics (MPS/SPH)

Particleworks Features

  • Co-Simulation of Rigid Dynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Mesh-free Simulation
  • Source & Sink
  • Viscosity consideration


  • Co-Simulation with RecurDyn
  • Pre-processing / Post-processing
  • Solver

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